Quanta Services, a global leading specialty contractor with North America’s largest and most highly trained skilled workforce, provides fully integrated infrastructure solutions for the electric power, underground utility, and communications industries. With over 25,000 trucks on the road, up to 40 operating units, and frequent acquisitions creating complex data sets, Quanta Services was looking for a solution to gain better control of their data to support enhanced financial reporting and forecasting, and increased visibility into their fleet telematics to ensure the safety of their employees and better utilization of their transportation assets. 

Watch Kurt Witt, Director of Data Management Services at Quanta, to learn how they leveraged Incorta's operational analytics capabilities to drive success in their fleet telematics operations and finance transformation initiatives. 

See how Incorta worked with Quanta Services to:  

  • Optimize their fleet telematics processes with agility and confidence by analyzing operational systems in near real-time  
  • Cut costs by phasing out third-party vendors for fleet telematics reporting  
  • Take control of their data and gain transparency over global assets and worker safety 

Hosted by:


Kurt Witt

Director of Data Management Services