Integrating different data platforms can be a challenging task for businesses. However, it is essential to ensure a seamless flow of data and insights across different systems to enable an effective decision-making process.  

In this recording, Our speakers are discussing how to integrate Informatica and Incorta, two powerful data platforms, to create a more efficient data processing and analysis workflow. 

In this recording you will learn how Incorta helps:  

  • Users to become NDMO compliant. 
  • Users explore the Incorta metadata on the Informatica data Catalog platform. 
  • Users to use standard Postgres scanner to load data from Incorta, while being able to capture lineage and insights. 

Hosted by:

Ahmed Tarek-modified

Ahmed Tarek

Head of Presales, EMEA

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Mohamed Badr, Jadara Solutions

Mohamed Badr

Data Management Consultant

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