Modernizing analytics is an opportunity for companies to reassess their needs, drive transformation and streamline existing processes and data pipelines. For customers using last-generation technology that is approaching end-of-life support, such as Oracle OBIEE, projects often contain significant complexity across three critical areas:

  • Projects rely on legacy data architectures, with patchwork data pipelines consisting of many analytic “choke points” that can cause inefficiency in moving from raw data to insights.
  • The technology stacks themselves are last-generation, with many moving parts and heavily-specialized configuration needs, and
  • BI delivery typically follows outdated modeling and design principles, with functionality that no longer meets the needs of modern business consumers.

In this webinar, learn how Incorta delivers an agile approach to modern analytics that streamlines the data architecture, unifies the analytics platform through a simplified and scalable technology stack, and offers unrivaled access to operational data with faster time-to-insights.

Hear from Comcast around their Oracle BI modernization journey, including how over 150 separate back-end ETL processes and legacy reports were decommissioned through a single Incorta deployment that reduced BI development cycles by over 88%.


Hosted by:

Nick Jewell

Nick Jewell

Senior Director, Product Marketing


Prabhavathi Kuppusamy

Senior BI Developer