EnergySolutions, an international nuclear services company, was looking to overcome challenges with their manual reporting process and gain new insights to grow their complex business. With archaic manual reporting processes with Oracle OBIEE, EnergySolutions struggled with reporting delays from slow data loads, and detailed level transparency to impactful insights due to disparate systems and lack of access to data. 

Looking to improve reporting quality and speed to insights, EnergySolutions started an evaluation of new tools to modernize their reporting and began a journey with SAP. While training on SAP ABAP a 'business analyst' needed a niche solution in his research and discovered Incorta  - not only did Incorta solve the niche solution, it checked all the data access and reporting boxes they were using SAP for and more. Incorta's intuitive platform allows all levels of Energy Solutions users to access their historical data in Oracle to analyze at various depths. Users are now able to discover data they didn't know they had access to and build relationships between different data sets from multiple sources to gain a holistic view of their business.  

Watch to learn how EnergySolutions: 

  • Leverages Incorta's platform to unlock new possibilities within their data and gain insights into every corner of their business 

  • Maximizes the platform's adaptability to meet their growing needs without requiring them to change their business processes. 

  • Quickly builds data relationships to make faster, more informed decisions. 

  • Uses drill-through technology to analyze revenue and improve profitability – down to the ROI of a single shipping container.

  • Marries operational data with financial data to improve their cash management.

Hear firsthand from EnergySolutions about their ERP data and business value discovered during their reporting transformation. 


Hosted by:

Matt Dukes

IT Manager


Mark McNeely

BI Manager/Developer