Creating and updating data models and reports using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is a lengthy and resource-intensive process. Requirements gathering, schema development, and data modeling can take weeks or even months. However, million-dollar operating decisions that rely upon dynamic enterprise data from Oracle EBS, NetSuite, and other operational data sources can't be put on hold while data is made ready for analysis. It’s time for a new, modern approach to Oracle analytics.

Watch as we explore how you can unlock the full potential of all operational data in complex source systems to gain up-to-the-minute operational insights in record time.

 You'll learn how Incorta enables you to:

  • Expedite your organization’s migration from OBIEE and drastically speed time to value for Oracle analytics projects.

  • Directly map to Oracle data sources to eliminate traditional transformation and aggregation steps and deliver all usable data to the business in record time.

  • Achieve new insights with custom dashboards featuring multiple types of interactive visuals in a single view.

  • Validate insights by drilling down to the detail — from summary metrics across various data sources to transaction line details instantly.


Hosted by:


Amit Kothari

Senior Director, Solutions Engineering


Francoise Lawrence

Senior Solution Architect