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How to know your customer using data

With more customer data available than ever before, teams can finally identify critical trends quickly and make smart pivots for faster growth. Learn how to apply these strategies during COVID in this blog.

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Unified Analytics Platform vs. Point Solutions: Betting on the Future

There’s no denying the importance of speed and agility in data analytics – and yet the debate about how to achieve it continues. What are you supposed to do when traditional approaches can no longer keep up with the accelerating rate, volume and complexity of modern business data? Are new, cloud-native point solutions powerful enough to justify the integration risks and operational overhead? Are “end-to-end” platforms even powerful enough to get the job done in the first place? It depends.

Watch this webinar to see how Claudia Imhoff explores the merits of each approach – what works, what doesn’t, the criteria companies should consider when making the call, and where concessions frequently come into play. This is followed by a live demo of Incorta's unified data analytics platform that’s reframing the debate entirely.