Many organizations are currently reevaluating their approaches to reporting and analytics and reconsidering their commitments to the traditional on-premises enterprise data warehouse. With a growing array of platform alternatives, data warehouse modernization is rapidly becoming more attractive.

That being said, if your organization truly wants to modernize its reporting, business intelligence, and analytics capabilities, don’t settle for a legacy platform approach that focuses on a monolithic data warehouse appliance deployed within your on-premises data center. Organizations must modernize their reporting and analytics environments to adapt to evolving technology.

Read this report by TDWI Research (Transforming Data with Intelligence™) for guidance about the challenges and opportunities presented when transitioning to a more modern infrastructure. You will learn:

  • How to select an environment
  • Risks of ‘lifting and shifting’ your legacy apps
  • How to simplify data onboarding 
  • Considerations for data democratization
  • How to empower your data consumers 
  • How to enable data storytelling

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