The Case for Complete Data Integration

The Rise of Unified Data and Analytic Platforms

Let’s face it: managing data on any team can be overwhelming. The larger the company, the easier it becomes for data to accumulate in disconnected siloes. And with legacy systems and management tools adding layers of complexity to everyday tasks, even the simplest projects become delayed by data-related complications.

That's where unified data and analytic platforms (UDAPs) come in. These all-in-one platforms provide a fully integrated data and analytics experience that accelerates time-to-insight, increases productivity, and unlocks the true potential of data across systems.

In The Rise of Unified Data and Analytic Platforms ebook, Wayne Eckerson of the Eckerson Group breaks down the key characteristics of these revolutionary platforms, including:

  • The fragmentation of the analytics space that led to the creation of UDAPs
  • The varying characteristics of unified solutions
  • The key benefits and potential challenges to their adoption

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