Businesses are seeing a broad financial transformation, and the gathering of accurate and relevant data is key to keeping a competitive edge. A survey of 215 analytics and business intelligence decision-makers found that 90% of respondents indicated their current analytics platform solutions could not meet all their business objectives.

The solutions to most financial and operational analytics headaches can be achieved with the use of proper tools, technologies and platforms that provide information with the speed and accuracy required to keep up with ever-evolving business needs. This webinar is a round-table discussion with industry experts that uncovers things to keep in mind when creating a successful digital first approach.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Managing working capital
  • Adjusting forecasts based on latest actuals
  • Combining data from disparate and siloed sources in a common environment
  • Gathering visibility into insights at a granular level to ensure accuracy and trust in data

Hosted by:


Abhisek Majumdar

Director of Business Intelligence


Joe Delpercio

Senior Solutions Architect


Ardeshir Ghanbarzadeh

Director of Product Marketing