The Modern Analytics Checklist

Five ways to help users become more data-driven in order to guarantee the success of your analytics project

As an IT professional, much of your requires you to bridge the skills gap between your department and the broader business. Stakeholders need to access, understand and analyze business data in order to develop the insights that inform their own roles and enable strategy — and they turn to IT for reporting and guidance.

Fielding a high volume of requests, however, can make IT's job more difficult. Furthermore, users who try to navigate their business's data analytics tool without guidance can become discouraged and may avoid using the tools at their disposal.

At Incorta, we understand how crucial it is to encourage a data-driven mindset for business users. We’ve developed a simple, five-item analytics checklist that IT professionals can use to make it easier for other stakeholders to get the insights they need. We’ll cover:

  • Key tactics IT professionals can employ to help users understand their needs better
  • How to identify the right questions to ask in an analytics project
  • How usage can help guide your business’s analytics strategy
  • Additional strategies and techniques to help your business users become more data driven

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