Recent challenges have forced business teams to new levels of creativity, driving innovation and change as they assume larger roles in data analysis initiatives. Business people can no longer wait for IT experts to gather, prepare and deliver data subsets to them – they don’t have time. They need data now to make the strategic decisions that will ensure business survival.

For the past several years, Incorta has delivered astonishing speed and agility to its customers. Incorta’s Direct Data Mapping™, the first real breakthrough in data analytics in 20 years, rewrote the playbook for fast analytics against complex enterprise data sources, and therefore has won many fans among IT teams. If you can analyze data directly–without reshaping it and summarizing it–you gain a host of benefits including agility, security, and flexibility.

Now with the release of Incorta 5, the ease-of-use, agility, and accessibility are winning over business teams as well as IT. Some of Incorta’s biggest customers are moving their business users off of other analytics tools onto Incorta, because it is so easy to deploy. The core attributes of Incorta 5 that make it essential for line-of-business teams who want agility without placing limits on growth are:

  • Access to all corners of the organization with over 200+ data connections easily configurable.
  • One platform. The most essential data analytics tooling in a single data experience.
  • Easier to use than traditional alternatives, the ideal choice for universal deployment.
  • Support agile analytics project methods with access to all original data.
  • Can grow into an enterprise-wide solution with security and reliability.
  • Attractive to advanced practitioners with integrated notebooks, language support, integration options and support for on-premises, cloud and hybrid deployments.

Incorta 5 is a powerful yet pragmatic solution for delivering enterprise data in an easy-to-use all-in-one package, and could be an integral part of your business analytics strategy. Read this eBook to learn:

  • What factors are holding businesses back from achieving data-driven decisions and strategies.
  • The basics of how to understand, speak about, and use data analytics.
  • How to implement data analytics into your business and get the most out of your data.

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