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Constantly changing tariffs are crippling U.S. manufacturers struggling to understand and react to them in time to minimize their negative financial impact. Forced to absorb extra expenses, pass on higher costs to customers, or move production to other countries, many will lose profits, lay off workers, or even go out of business. But now you can turn tariffs into a competitive advantage by proactively dodging negative consequences from the intensifying tariff situation.

In this C-Suite Success Guide, find out:

  • The critical, insightful questions that strategic supply chain execs ask about tariffs
  • How an innovative analytics platform from Incorta helps Nortek save millions by making decisions regarding its supply chain and customer pricing strategy—across thousands of products and customers—within 24 hours of a major development in the China Trade War
  • How you, too, can quickly understand within only hours exactly how pending or new tariffs will impact your business

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