Operational systems such as Oracle® E-Business Suite (EBS), NetSuite®, and SAP® have hundreds of functional modules and tens of thousands of tables with no automated way to integrate and analyze data across silos.

As a result, organizations can spend months or even years staging, aggregating, modeling and optimizing data views to support downstream reporting requirements.

Incorta provides the fastest way to integrate complex siloed data from upstream business systems for analysis in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Organizations can quickly ingest data from multiple systems using an innovative parallel data loading service that supports hundreds of prebuilt connectors.

In this eBook you’ll learn about a smarter approach to analytics. Rather than relying on slow and complex ETL pipelines to transform and reshape data, Incorta loads data directly in its original shape, storing it in modern Apache Parquet file formats in Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS). Incorta eliminates complex and time-consuming tasks such as data modeling and writing transformation logic. Data is landed in full resolution so that it can be consumed directly by analytic users.

The eBook provides an overview of how you can leverage this new cloud-based data ingest solution to:

  • Improve the effectiveness of their analytics
  • Accelerate implementation and realize business results faster
  • Avoid risk and substantially reduce cost
  • Enable self-serve access to data

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