eBook: Data Modeling Sabotages Supply Chain Analytics

Uncover a better way to understand your supply chain

Supply chains occupy a unique position in a business.

Few other elements are so exposed to rapid, unexpected challenges, and yet so crucial to continued operations and competitive success.

Supply chains are a business’s lifeline — one would think that gaining insight across the entire supply chain would be paramount.

However, many businesses lack an analytics platform that can capture activity and data in all aspects of their supply chain. Instead, when a stakeholder has a question about their supply chain, businesses often resort to data modeling. In response to a stakeholder's question, IT gathers the relevant data and constructs a model that answers only that specific question.

As you might imagine, rarely does this offer real-time insights. Furthermore, every new question requires a new data model, and constructing new models takes considerable time and resources.

In our eBook, Data Modeling Sabotages Supply Chain Analytics, we break down the relationship between data modeling, legacy data warehouses and the supply chain. We cover:

  • The challenges inherent to analyzing the supply chain;
  • Why data modeling is a poor solution to address these challenges;
  • How businesses can take a faster, more dynamic approach when asking questions of their supply chain; and
  • A case study demonstrating this new approach in action.

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