eBook: Don’t Compromise Your Data Strategy by Sacrificing Fidelity

Finding and consolidating data are antiquated tasks that can defeat overwhelmed data strategists. Here’s what to do instead.

Scarce technical resources still spend an inordinate amount of time and money on the same two foundational data tasks that have plagued them for years: locating organizational data, and trying to synthesize it for single-source reporting via data modeling and Extract Transform Load (ETL). Even newer technologies designed to help modernize data strategies only alleviate some of the pain from ETL—its inherent limitations remain. That’s why the only way you’ll ever be able to easily find and consolidate data is by eliminating data modeling and ETL altogether.

Read this ebook to learn:

  • Where most data strategies—even so-called modern ones—fall short, and why
  • The six key benefits a truly modern data strategy gives organizations
  • How to vanquish data modeling and ETL from your data strategies and architectures forever

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