Data and analytics have always had a critical role to play in business decision-making. The importance of direct data has been elevated in recent years, however, as enterprises have recognized the fundamental role that it plays in driving operational efficiency and generating new business value, as well as its potential to provide competitive differentiation.

Direct data’s importance has been particularly highlighted in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic provided senior executives and decision-makers with a vivid reminder of the importance of agile data-driven decision-making in enabling enterprises to respond to fast-changing market conditions and competitive threats. In order to drive true transformational change, business teams need to reduce the time needed to investigate, analyze and take action on business data.

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In order to remain competitive amid fast-changing socioeconomic conditions and increased data-driven decision-making, enterprises need to invest in data and analytics products, services and functionality that support business agility and accelerate the path from data to decision. Fill out the form to unlock this report today.

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