Ralph Kimball’s bottom-up approach to data modeling might still be popular, but its limitations are becoming harder to ignore. At the same time, Bill Inmon’s top-down data modeling is becoming more viable as technology advances. But it’s an innovative “third way” — one that fully embraces modern data analytics technology and isn’t constrained by the traditional limitations of 1990s data infrastructure — that challenges decades of assumptions about the best way to architect data in the enterprise.

By bypassing data transformations and connecting directly to data sources, this “third way” delivers faster implementations; higher performance; and a complete, top-line-to-transaction view of data.

Read this ebook to learn how the “third way” can:

  • Change the way companies like yours think about, manage, engage with, and create value with data.
  • Lay a foundation for data curiosity by empowering all employees with the data they need to ask questions, explore answers and make better decisions.
  • Shift leadership’s and IT’s roles and responsibilities to ones significantly more strategic.

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