Free Analyst Report: Modern Data Warehousing Without the Burden of ETL

Data analytics can offer tremendous strategic insights.

However, storing and managing that data can be a tremendous task. Most organizations manage at least one legacy data warehouse, with many larger organizations struggling to maintain multiple data warehouses.

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) is the most common method used to manage data warehouses, but ETL’s lack of speed and scalability doesn’t lend itself to the rapid demands of modern data analytics initiatives.

That’s why we partnered with Dave Wells of the Eckerson Group. Wells was keenly aware of the challenges facing data warehousing and ETL, which is why he grew interested in Incorta’s Direct Data Mapping approach to data warehousing. Read his free report on how Direct Data Mapping can revolutionize how you manage your data, Modern Data Warehousing without the Burden of ETL.

In it, you’ll learn:

  • Why the data warehousing patterns of the past are failing to meet today’s fast data needs
  • How Direct Data Mapping changes the game and eliminates the time, cost, and complexity of ETL
  • How to begin modernizing your legacy data warehouses

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