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Three Case Studies on Modernizing A Data Warehouse

Enterprise data warehouses (EDWs), long a central focus for businesses, often struggle to balance scale and agility — typically landing on the side of scale instead. 

Now, as more technologically advanced systems and tools depend on these slow and brittle legacy data warehouses, businesses are finding that their aging solutions fail to support the new capabilities they need in order to remain competitive.

It’s clear that a transition to modern data warehouses is necessary, but doing this well is a challenge.

To help clarify how businesses can safely and effectively modernize their data warehouses, we’ve analyzed three approaches to EDW modernization projects. Specifically:

  • The wholesale replacement of a legacy data warehouse
  • An augmentation of a legacy data warehouse
  • Starting from a complete green field

We break down the strategy businesses should employ under each of these cases as they pursue the implementation of a modern data warehouse. Just fill out the form and click “Submit” to learn more.

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