Break Free From the Shackles of ETL and ELT

Learn how Direct Data Mapping is transforming the modern enterprise analytics landscape.

Inefficiencies surrounding data transformation have long plagued IT teams, most of whom still rely on exchange, transform load (ETL) and exchange, load, transform (ELT) — which were conceived in the 1990s and 2000s, respectively. 

Unfortunately, recent enterprise analytic trends make ETL and ELT problematic strategies for data mapping. Enterprises are generating a greater rate, volume, and complexity of data than before, and users are asking sophisticated questions that require fast answers. ETL and ELT simply can’t provide the speed and flexibility modern businesses require.

Many businesses are foregoing ETL and ELT entirely and turning instead to Direct Data Mapping. In this eBook, we’ll discuss how Direct Data Mapping transcends its ETL and ELT predecessors, discussing, among other subjects:

  • The pros and cons of third normal form databases
  • The major differences between ETL and ELT and their significant features
  • Why Direct Data Mapping is a better way forward

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