Dresner Report: Analytical Data Infrastructure Market Study

Discover the use cases for analytic data infrastructure platform features and capabilities.

Today’s business intelligence environment is pushing the boundaries on what’s possible with data. New technology, architectures, and analytic workflows are being developed in response to rising demands, resulting in the rise of analytic data infrastructures (ADIs).

What’s an ADI?
ADIs are the applications and systems used for preparing data models. They define a set of technology components for integrating, modeling, managing, storing, and accessing data. Each of these components serve as sources for BI customers.

In the following market study, Dresner Advisory Services discusses how respondents use and benefited from ADIs, as well as the associated data and analytical workflows.

Understanding the features, uses, and adoption of ADI is key for executing a successful BI strategy at any organization.

Major ADI use cases include:
  • Business user reporting and dashboards
  • Business user discovery and exploration
  • Data science (e.g., advanced and predictive workflows)
  • Embedded analytics (e.g., data embedded within business applications for higher volume and low latency applications)

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