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The time is now to rethink and remake data warehousing. But contrary to what you’ve probably heard, simply decommissioning legacy data warehouses and relying solely upon a data lake won’t get you the data access and insights your business demands. What you need to do is sustain data warehousing’s benefits — integrated, time-variant enterprise data that’s easy to access and understand — but dispense of its time-consuming, complex data modeling and ETL processing.

Incorta’s innovative Direct Data Mapping does just that. But don’t take our word for it — read this analyst report by Dave Wells of the Eckerson Group.

data warehouse without etl eckerson group report

Download this report to learn:

  • Why past practices for data warehousing struggle to meet today’s needs in the age of big data and fast analytics
  • How to expand the value and impact of data warehouse modernization without losing data or information
  • How Incorta delivers near-real-time reporting and analytics directly from original transactional data such as legacy systems, ERP systems and SaaS applications
  • How Incorta’s solution is the only one that can help you deliver high-speed data integration and aggregation that embodies all the advantages of a semantic layer — and none of its burdens

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