Manufacturers have to manage a lot of moving parts to ensure timely delivery of goods while staying competitive, meeting the ever increasing demands of their customers and maintain a stray flow of revenue. 

Completing accurate forecasts for inventory management, customer demands and cash on hand is imperative. Incorta’s manufacturing customers have live access to 100% of their data, enabling them to: 
  • optimize plant operations
  • ensure supply chain resilience 
  • predict cash flow and sales forecasts
  • and much more 

Join us on July 24 for a live demo of Incorta and learn how Incorta can transform your operations, drive cost efficiency, and unlock new levels of productivity. Listen to hear what some of our customers have been able to do, in just six weeks, global retailer Shutterfly saw immediate results from the Incorta platform - a 91% reduction in stockouts and over 10 hours saved weekly building reports.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and strategies for redefining manufacturing success in a data-driven era. 


Hosted by:

grant joseph

Grant Joseph

Senior Sales Engineer

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