Retail and CPG suppliers and manufacturers grapple with an overwhelming data flow spanning the entire customer journey from retail stores and sites, to distributors, logistics partners, and transportation companies. To maintain inventory, optimize growth, and stay competitive, organizations in the retail and CPG sectors must swiftly capture accurate data to make timely, informed decisions.  

Incorta is an Operational Lakehouse that delivers customer analytics on live, detailed operational data at scale. Access to live and detailed data drives multi-million dollar wins from reduced stockouts and inventory waste to save time and budget in demand forecasting. 

Register to join us for a live demo and learn how Incorta easily integrates complex data from multiple source systems enabling customers to develop a single Customer 360 view across purchase channels to gain better transparency for inventory reporting, order analytics, and supply chain resilience. 


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Zach Breimayer

Senior Sales Engineer

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