Financial professionals struggle to get access to data, validate its accurate and generate insights in a timely manner. Time wasted in all these steps reduces time to value and decreases productivity for finance teams. Incorta delivers access to near real time granular data to enable more accurate forecasting. With Incorta's unique approach to providing universal access to source data, customers can automate processes, and take advantage of ML forecast and generative AI.

Join our webinar to see how you can increase your margin of accuracy and decrease time to value by

  • Bridging the data gap with immediate access to transactional level data

  • Drilling into subledger details to investigate variances and identify drivers of financial impact

  • Making data available on-demand with self-service dashboards to drill down, across, and filter through transaction-level details

  • Leveraging access to massive amounts of data to implement predictive models and increase the accuracy of revenue forecasts


Hosted by:

grant joseph

Grant Joseph

Senior Sales Engineer

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