In today's dynamic manufacturing landscape, efficient inventory management is crucial for reducing operational costs, saving time in production processes, and increasing revenue by meeting customer demands. 

Through real-time data insights and advanced analytics, Incorta enables professionals to gain a real-time, transaction-level view of their inventory, helping them improve demand forecasting, reduce stockouts, and optimize stock levels - ultimately increasing revenue, margins, and company value. 

In this demo you’ll see how you can use Incorta to: 

  • Effortlessly connect to multiple ERPs and source systems to consolidate your data in one place to support business decisions.
  • Reduce time to access data and reports from weeks to minutes, saving customers $6M annually.
  • Gain real-time visibility into your inventory at any level of the supply chain to eliminate surprises, reducing stockouts by 90% for customers.
  • Improve demand forecasting with transactional level detail, reducing inventory carrying costs by $30M for customers.
  • Trust that the data is accurate and reliable, so you know that your supply chain and manufacturing workers are collaborating with the right data.

Whether you're a production manager, finance team member, supply chain expert, or inventory specialist, this webinar provides valuable insights into harnessing the power of Incorta to transform your inventory management processes and drive manufacturing excellence.

Hosted by:


Michael Weinhauer

Senior Sales Engineer

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