Incorta is an open data delivery platform that offers customers the ability to access 100% of their enterprise data to develop a singular view across purchase channels and drill through analytics for actionable insights. With accurate and timely reporting, users gain a deeper understanding of consumer demand for sales forecasts, helping to minimize stockouts and wastage, and save money by preventing unnecessary supply chain costs. 

In the demo you will learn how Incorta helps

  • Effortlessly connect to multiple ERP and source systems, consolidating your data in one place to support business decisions. 
  • Enhance the accuracy and timeliness of reports for complex data sets, getting you answers to questions as they arise. 
  • Provide timely data refreshes to keep operations running smoothly. 
  • Optimize product life cycles by accessing granular data to identify defects, equipment performance and real time inventory levels. 


Hosted by:

grant joseph

Grant Joseph

Senior Sales Engineer

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