Incorta is an open data delivery platform that offers customers the ability to access 100% of their enterprise data to develop a single Customer 360 view across purchase channels to gain better transparency for inventory reporting, order analytics, and supply chain resilience, enhance what-if scenario modeling, and performance benchmarking.
 In the demo you will learn how Incorta helps
  • Effortlessly connect to multiple ERP and source systems, ensuring detailed data in one place to support business decisions.
  • Enhance the accuracy and timeliness of your finance reporting with global inventory and performance dashboards that provide the ability to drill down to the transaction level detail.
  • Transform the workflows of your finance teams by enabling them to drill down from General Ledger to Sub General Ledger transactions using third-party tools like Blackline or XLCubed.
  • Provide curated access to data, empowering business users to make swift decisions on complex merchandising challenges

Hosted by:

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Bryan Medeiros

Senior Sales Engineer

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