Incorta is an open data delivery platform that offers customers the ability to access 100% of their enterprise data to develop a single Customer 360 view across channels to gain better transparency for credit, collections and new accounts, enhance the accuracy and timeliness of financial reporting to predict cash flow and selling and to access detailed data for more accurate underwriting. 

In the demo you will learn how Incorta helps 

  • Effortlessly connect to multiple ERP and source systems, ensuring an exact copy of the data as it exists at its source.
  • Enhance the accuracy and timeliness of your finance teams with intuitive dashboards that provide the ability to drill down to the transaction level detail.
  • Transform the workflows of your finance teams by enabling them to drill down from General Ledger to Sub General Ledger transactions using third-party tools like Blackline or XLCubed.
  • Provide your FP&A teams with curated access to their data, empowering finance teams with self-service analytics for faster, informed decision-making.

Hosted by:

grant joseph

Grant Joseph

Senior Sales Engineer

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