Incorta is poised to help data leaders navigate the challenges of the current business environment by providing real-time, accurate data analytics that supports quick and informed decision-making. The platform’s near real-time data analytics capabilities enable leaders to make informed decisions based on the most up-to-date information available, and the unique Direct Data Mapping architecture eliminates the need for traditional data warehouses, making data analysis faster and more efficient. 

In this demo you will learn how to

  • Install a data app to rapidly load ERP data that is modeled and ready for reporting and analytics
  • Easily explore your data in pre-built dashboards, with the ability to drill into the data down to the transaction level detail [directly reflecting the source system]
  • Explore your data through drag and drop and easily customize insights and dashboards
  • Modify a data model with new sources to get a 360-degree view of a customer

Hosted by:

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Bryan Medeiros

Senior Sales Engineer

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