90% of your time might be spent scavenging for data, sourcing it from across organizations, making sense of that data, prepping and cleansing it, or just trying to get access. Discover how the agile data pipeline can empower you as a data scientist to get to analysis and modeling quickly. Also learn about how Incorta can amplify Data Science insights across the organization

Throughout this session, you’ll learn how to navigate your Incorta cloud instance and use it to:

  • Support the core principles of the data mesh.
  • Connect and model data using Incorta Direct Data Modeling.
  • Showcase data sharing and ownership capabilities.
  • Writing Python/R/SQL/Scala MVs
  • Sharing key modeling insights

Spots are limited, though - save your seat now.

*You’ll need your own Incorta Cloud Free Trial account to follow along with this session — if you don’t already have one, sign up here.

Hosted by:


Joe Miller

Sr. Director, Community & Customer Enablement