The old rules and architectural approaches built around traditional data warehouses and relational databases no longer fit today’s rapidly changing business environment. Competing in today’s fast-moving economy means efficiently working with constellations of data platforms that address varied requirements — from simply storing customer data to enabling real-time artificial intelligence responses.

But you have to know the right way to keep these complete, constantly evolving data environments running in sync to reap the greatest rewards.

Read this special report by Big Data Quarterly’s Best Practice Series to learn:

  • The main distinctions between data warehouses, data lakes, data lakehouses and data meshes
  • Why the cloud is increasingly blurring the lines that distinguish these enterprise-scale data environments from each other
  • How to ensure the most secure, expedient delivery of data-driven insights to business users, devices and applications with a uniquely agile approach that delivers 100% of data for analysis

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