Business applications like ERP systems aren’t designed for the complex data analysis that finance teams today want, need, and care about most. Even systems designed for complex analytical workloads can’t meet the demands and challenges of modern FP&A and reporting. 

It’s no surprise then why so many finance teams today are turning to unified data and analytics platforms (UDAPs) like Incorta to enable agile operational analytics. Only a UDAP can consolidate data management and analytics functions across the full range of financial data to enable faster, more efficient, and more effective FP&A and reporting.

Read this ebook to learn how UDAP empowers finance teams to finally:

  • Analyze real-time operational and financial data across multiple business systems at any time
  • Access full-fidelity data and drill down into transaction-level details 
  • Measure variances, eliminate errors, and adjust forecasts with speed and certainty 
  • Ask and answer questions with lightning-fast response time, even for highly-complex queries spanning multiple systems and tables

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