It's not easy to unlock complex data from applications like Oracle and SAP. The data often includes tens of thousands of tables and hundreds of functional modules that can’t be easily joined with other data sources or accessed by modern analytics tools. Well-meaning analysts try to overcome the problem with a fixed patchwork of incomplete reports, but the reports are difficult to change and can’t drill down to transaction-level detail.

This make-shift analytics approach just doesn’t work. But now there’s a way to give any decision maker access to the important organizational data they need to make better business decisions — with no data transformations, aggregation, or copies required. It’s called Intelligent Ingest.

Watch this webinar to learn how Incorta's Intelligent can:

  • Give every line-of-business employee easy access to 100% of organizational data and rich, self-service analytics that can drill down to individual transactions
  • Accelerate by 10x the production and deployment of enterprise data warehouse initiatives
  • Save your business significant amounts of money by simplifying and streamlining system migrations

Hosted by:

Incorta - Rich Rodgers(3)

Matt Aslett

VP of Technology Partners

Incorta - Ashwin Warrier-2

Ashwin Warrier

VP of Product Management