Four Techniques to
Run AI on Your
Business Data

While AI is beginning to impact pretty much every aspect of our consumer lives, business data-driven AI seems to be lower on the priority list of most enterprises. The struggles lay not for the lack of will but for the lack of ability to make business data easily accessible to the data science teams. Today’s BI tools have not kept up with this need and often are the bottleneck that stifle innovation.

Join Amalgam Insights Principal Analyst, Hyoun Park, as he discuss the importance of AI-ready BI architectures for tomorrow’s business needs.


Hyoun Park
Principal Analyst
Matthew Halliday 
Chief Evangelist
Here is what you will learn during this webinar...
  • key data and analytic trends leading to the need to accelerate analytic access to data
  • guidance for challenges in implementing AI initiatives alongside BI
  • practical and future-facing business use cases that can be supported by accelerating analytic access to large volumes of operational data