Modern Data Warehousing: Analytics without the Modeling
Data warehouses need a makeover. The once venerable data environment has been pushed to its limit by big data and exploratory analysis. A major limitation is the need to design and synchronize a variety of data models before loading data and modifying attributes. Organizations are exploiting new technologies to increase the scale, flexibility, performance, and speed of deployment of their decision-making environments. 

This webinar will explore three of these technologies: big data running on Hadoop and NoSQL platforms; in-memory computing and its multiple offshoots; and data mapping rules and algorithms that speed deployments and minimize the need for technical resources to develop data sets.  All approaches share one thing in common: they minimize, and in some cases, eliminate the need for upfront or extensive modeling before users can query data. 

Join Principal Consultant Wayne Eckerson as he walks through his latest paper, “Modern Data Warehousing: Analytics without the Modeling.”


Wayne Eckerson
Founder and Principal Consultant
Matthew Halliday
Chief Evangelist 
Here is what you will learn during this webinar...
  • About a new approach analyzing complex, business data that requires no schema changes so that data is mapped directly and bypasses the need for the traditional star-schema approach
  • How to eliminate the heavy lifting required to implement traditional data warehouses, speeding deployments, and accelerating time to insight
  • What benefits an organization can gain when bypassing data pre-aggregation stage