Modern Data Warehousing without the Burden of ETL
Most organizations today operate and support multiple data warehouses with a typical company having two to five legacy data warehouses. Business people and processes depend on these data warehouses, but they have become operations and support challenges. Past practices for data warehousing struggle to meet today’s needs. Legacy data warehouses don’t scale easily, are performance challenged, and are constrained by relational models for structured data. They are slow to build, slow to deploy, and slow to change. The time has come to rethink and remake data warehousing starting with a new and unique approach to managing the data.

Join Eckerson Group’s Data Management Practice Director, Dave Wells, as he walks through his latest paper, “Modern Data Warehousing without the Burden of ETL.”

Dave Wells
Data Management Practice Director
Matthew Halliday
Chief Evangelist 
Here is what you will learn 
  • Why data warehousing patterns of the past are failing to meet today’s fast data needs
  • How Direct Data Mapping changes the game and eliminates the time, cost, and complexity of ETL
  • How to get started with modernization of your legacy data warehouses