Broadcom's Modern Approach
to Data Analytics

Global semiconductor leader Broadcom needed a better, faster approach for accessing and understanding its business data. After thoroughly evaluating a wide range of leading tools, Broadcom selected Incorta as its new analytics solution. That’s because—unlike others—Incorta easily combines data from crucial enterprise systems, enables access to point solutions like Excel, and accelerates the creation of new analytical applications while also reducing report run times.

Incorta’s first-of-its-kind analytics technology is so revolutionary, Broadcom’s Senior Manager of Business Intelligence Ajit Oak says, “Before Incorta, it could take up to two hours to run a report against Oracle ERP. With Incorta, we can do it in seconds.”

Find out how Broadcom uses Incorta to dramatically speed decision making by aggregating complex business data in real-time and eliminating the need for a traditional data warehouse—even when analyzing join-intensive, complex business data.



Ajit Oak
Senior Manager, Business Intelligence
Matthew Halliday
Chief Evangelist
Here is what you will learn during this webinar...
  • Why Broadcom decided Incorta‚Äôs Direct Data MappingTM was the best solution to analyze its complex business data
  • How Broadcom reduces the overall manpower required to operate its analytics infrastructure while becoming more responsive to business needs
  • How Broadcom easily extends this innovative approach to new analytic applications and areas in its business