Shutterfly: Optimizing the Supply Chain with Real-Time Oracle EBS Data

With a lofty goal of reducing stockouts by 50% by Q4 2018, online image publishing service Shutterfly needed to optimize inventory and understand data in real time. Yet Shutterfly found it difficult—if not impossible—to access and understand key data points such as stockouts and E&O expenses in Oracle EBS. Planners were forced to re-plan everything every day, and guess which items required attention.

Shutterfly implemented Incorta analytics to solve this problem. In only 6 weeks, Shutterfly deployed dashboards displaying Oracle EBS data that direct buyers and planners to their highest-priority activities at any given time. Information previously available only after hours of manual compilation now is readily accessible in only seconds.

Register today to learn from Shutterfly how they are bypassing traditional ETL and data warehousing methods, leveraging Incorta’s innovative Direct Data Mapping engine to enable real-time reporting on their complex business data.



Rachel McCutcheon
Director of Supply Chain and Procurement
Matthew Halliday
Chief Evangelist 
Here is what you will learn during this webinar...
  • How to insert streamlined exception management workflows into supply chain processes
  • How to spend less time manually running and combining reports for Oracle EBS, and more time understanding key data insights
  • Why Shutterfly’s Vice President of Supply Chain Josh Miller calls Incorta’s no-data-warehouse analytics “the greatest thing since sliced bread”