Rethinking the Data Warehouse for Business Data

A data warehouse in the world of big data is no longer a truism, but when analyzing complex business data it remains the norm. Why? Because business data, characterized by complex join logic, requires hours, and even days, to perform simple queries without pre-aggregation.

What if you could bypass the data warehouse all together and run complex queries on source data returning results in seconds? Sound impossible? Not with Incorta’s new Direct Data Mapping engine

Join Impact Analytix Principal Consultant Matt Morris as he walks through his latest paper, “Incorta: The Modern Replacement for Your Data Warehouse.”

Matt Morris
Principal Consultant
Matthew Halliday
Chief Evangelist
What you'll learn during this webinar
  • New modern approaches to analytics, including details of Incorta’s innovative approach which does not require a traditional data warehouse
  • What benefits an organization can gain when bypassing data pre-aggregation stages
  • An alternative to datamarts and cubes that yields insights to the line of business much faster