Next Gen Analytics: Become Insights-Driven, Not Just Data-Driven

Data-driven firms focus primarily on collecting data and mining it for insights – a necessary, albeit short-sighted approach to managing the business. Insights-driven businesses not only excel at data analytics but go the extra mile of incorporating these quantitative insights into their business models and operations for real-time responsiveness. Forrester predicts that insights-driven businesses are poised to grow 8 to 10 times faster than industry averages for the next few years, with a projected collective revenue of 1.8 trillion by 2021.*

In this webinar, guest speaker Forrester Research Vice President and Principal Analyst, Boris Evelson, will discuss the latest trends and best practices organizations can leverage to get to the next stage in analytics maturity: becoming insights-driven, not just data-driven.


Boris Evelson
VP and Principal Analyst
Matthew Halliday 
Chief Evangelist
Join us to learn
  • What are the typical challenges that prevent organizations from becoming insights-driven
  • What are the people/process best practices you should deploy as an insights-driven organizations
  • What are the latest tools and technologies to deliver insights in ways never before possible