Top Line to Transactions in a Click
Real-time Analytics and Reporting for Oracle Applications without the Data Warehouse

While Oracle Applications are excellent for data collection, for analytics and reporting it’s a different story—and one where the cards are stacked against you. Not only does it require complex ETL and data modeling, but the solutions are not adaptable to the dynamic requirements of the user community. To further complicate matters, multiple administrators per product and price tags in excess of $1 million for implementation and maintenance are commonplace.

Join a panel of Oracle analytics experts as they share a case study based on a radically simplified approach recently employed at a Top Ten US University.



bio-MNader (1).png
Mike Nader
Solution Engineering
Matthew Halliday
Chief Evangelist 
Raj Lalchandani
Independent Consultant
What you’ll learn during this webinar:
  • The top 5 pitfalls when deploying analytics for Oracle Applications.
  • How Incorta reduces the delivery of new analytic applications from months to days—and empowers business users to freely explore data using their favorite tools.
  • An innovative approach to analysis and reporting of complex, relational data that does not require the time and cost to reshape enterprise data with ETL.